At Dirigo Public Affairs, our team has a unique blend of experiences that make the difference for our clients. We have served as Legislators, legislative staff, committee chairs, floor leaders, and political strategists. Dirigo knows the political layout unlike any other lobbying firm because we have been in the fight from many different angles. Our team is known for our approach and our ability to maneuver and influence the legislative process. Whether it’s Augusta, Concord, Montpelier, Boston, or beyond – Dirigo has the team to put you in the best position to win.

Our relationships allow us the ability to understand the inner happenings of the lobby process in a timely fashion, providing our clients more time to analyze and present their position directly to decision makers.

Success under the dome is built on having the information proactively and being able to respond accordingly.

Our team of lobbyists has decades of experience. We have been on both the giving and receiving ends of lobbying efforts over the years, so we know how to effectively position ourselves.

Lobbying is more than just showing up and talking to a legislator, bureaucrat, or the Governor’s office. It’s being able to provide valuable information and education to those decision makers. It’s also about effectively communicating the legislative landscape and key decision points in real time to you so you can make informed decisions.


An advocacy campaign can be a powerful and under utilized component of any public affairs campaign or public policy effort. At Dirigo Pubic Affairs, we employ our powerful “Mainers talking to Mainers” strategy to create a surround sound effect for your campaign that draws your target’s interest organically and effectively.

Building an effective advocacy campaign takes more than just random voices. It requires an understanding that the messengers are often equally, if not more, important than the messaging.
More so than most any other profession, serving as an elected official is based around the individual’s ability to build relationships and trust with a vast number of groups and individuals. While anyone can advocate for a policy, an effective advocacy campaign is built on identifying those third-party validators of the elected official you are working to persuade and delivering the message through them.
Advocacy is simply validating your issue through a trusted source. Validators can include constituents, business owners, former colleagues, donors, policy groups, organizations, former staffers, political party officials, and other trusted individuals or groups. An advocacy campaign identifies those individuals and utilizes their voice through earned media, social media, direct contacts, and in-person meetings to push an issue forward.


Coalitions can be a powerful way to influence an issue, whether it be at the Capitol, at a local board or on the ballot. At Dirigo, we believe in taking your voice and unifying it with others to create a surround sound effect on an issue. Diverse coalitions present the impact of an issue more effectively and allow for further reach through relatability. Due to our vast statewide relationships, Dirigo is known for bringing unique voices together.


If you are looking to gain media exposure, increase your public profile, improve public perception, or manage a crisis, our team will provide the media solutions you need.


We deploy our vast grassroots and grasstops network on your behalf – earning public support and changing the narrative from an organic level.


Through press conferences, events, media tours, op-eds, editorial visits, social networking, and other creative methods, we can change the message – enhancing your brand among the general public and key stakeholders.


Whether it is running for office, influencing an issue referendum, or PAC management, Dirigo can provide you with a hand holding approach to success. Having been through every type of political campaign, our team understands how to help you achieve your goal in an efficient and effective way. Many times in politics, you learn as you go. At Dirigo, we have done the learning for you, allowing us to provide you with the right direction and the right approach. Through our deep national network in politics, we are able to be a one stop shop for the following services: