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Dirigo Public Affairs specializes in helping clients in Maine and New England harness the power of their assets to make impactful statements and drive effective messaging into transformative results in and out of the Maine State House.


At Dirigo, we understand that building an effective public relations campaign takes more than just creativity, it takes understanding that the messengers are oftentimes equally as important as the messaging. It takes understanding that relationships build campaigns, and experience makes the difference between showing up and winning.


Dirigo Public Affairs delivers and executes quality public affairs campaigns through lobbying, advocacy, communications, and secures timely results for corporations, non-profit organizations and trade associations across the country.


We pride ourselves on making sure we create a customized strategy to meet each client’s unique needs and challenges.

Public Relations Campaigns

Regardless of the location or the issue, we deploy our network of grassroots operatives and political and community leaders to get the job done effectively and efficiently.


If you are looking to gain media exposure for your association, increase its public profile, or improve public perceptions, our seasoned professionals will provide the media solutions you need.


Dirigo’s unique blend of experiences can help you navigate the exciting challenges involved in securing and winning your position on the ballot. Whether it’s an issues campaign, third party PAC spending, or running for an elected office – we have you covered.


Lobbying is about a relationship. Dirigo Public Affairs can put our personal relationships to work as your lobbying professionals.


At Dirigo, we believe in developing coalitions that bring groups & individuals with a common goal together.

With reach throughout Maine, New England, and beyond Dirigo has the ability to deliver for you, your business, your association, or your issue.

Join us and let us show you the Dirigo difference - lead the way.


"The Maine Funeral Directors Association (MFDA) is fortunate to be professionally represented by Keith Herrick and Dirigo Public Affairs. Keith is an excellent communicator and has been a pleasure to work with. Dirigo's knowledge of the legislative process, rule-making, policy development, and Maine politics has led us in a positive and successful direction. Keith’s integrity and compassion are an excellent fit for representing the MFDA."

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