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Maine Election Results: November 2023

The results are in! With a few Election Day surprises, a runoff to come, some major policy decisions and legal challenges on the horizon, Mainers once again had their voice heard at the ballot box.

While there were many issues on the ballot, most eyes across the country were on Question 3 and Question 4. Question 3, which would have created a publicly owned electric utility known as Pine Tree Power, was rejected with 69% percent of the vote, following CMP and their allies spending nearly $39 million to protect their interests. As for Question 4, the “little guy” had their big day at the ballot box with Maine becoming the second state to enact a vehicle ‘right to repair’ bill.

In local races, Mark Dion was elected as Portland’s next Mayor through ranked choice voting. On Election Day, Dion secured 40% of the vote with Andrew Zarrow at 26%. Following the ranked choice tabulation on Wednesday morning, Dion secured the victory earning 52% of the vote. In Lewiston, the incumbent Carl Sheline leads the race over former State Representative Jon Connor, and this race will head to a runoff Election in December. The surprise of the night was incumbent Mayor Jason Levesque of Auburn and many of his allies on the council being defeated by a heavy margin. A strong stance on zoning changes around Lake Auburn and pro-development moves on housing seem to have angered the public.

Two former state legislators faced off in the Biddeford Mayor’s race. At the time of writing, former State Rep. Marty Grohman seems to have defeated former State Sen. Susan Deschambault.  

Full Election results can be found here:  

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Statewide Results

NOTE: This was written with 85% of the vote reported statewide.

Question 1: Citizen Initiative

An Act to Require Voter Approval of Certain Borrowing by Government-controlled Entities and Utilities and to Provide Voters More Information Regarding That Borrowing 


Yes- 236,378 (65%)

No- 125,780 (35%)

Question 2: Citizen Initiative

An Act to Prohibit Campaign Spending by Foreign Governments and Promote an Anticorruption Amendment to the United States Constitution 


Yes- 318,397 (86%)

No- 50,133 (14%)

Question 3: Citizen Initiative

An Act to Create the Pine Tree Power Company, a Nonprofit, Customer-owned Utility


Yes- 113,415 (31%)

No- 257,538 (69%)

Question 4: Citizen Initiative

An Act Regarding Automotive Right to Repair


Yes- 311,320 (84%)

No- 57,887 (16%)

Question 5: Constitutional Amendment

RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine Regarding the Timing of Judicial Review of the Determination of the Validity of Written Petitions


Yes- 209,483 (58%)

No- 150,857 (42%)

Question 6: Constitutional Amendment

RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Require All Provisions in the Constitution to Be Included in the Official Printing


Yes- 263,673 (73%)

No- 97,385 (27%)

Question 7: Constitutional Amendment

RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Align the Proceedings for Circulating Written Petitions for People’s Vetoes and Direct Initiatives with Federal Law


Yes- 113,076 (32%)

No- 243,228 (68%)

Question 8: Constitutional Amendment

RESOLUTION, Proposing an Amendment to the Constitution of Maine to Allow Persons Under Guardianship for Mental Illness to Be Electors


Yes- 168,830 (47%)

No- 191,555 (53%)

Local Results of Note

Mayor- City of Portland

Election Day Vote:

Mark Dion- 8,832 (40%)

Andrew Zarrow- 5,897 (26%)

Ali Pious- 4,876 (22%)

Justin Costa- 1,757 (8%)

Dylan Pugh- 902 (4%)

Final Tally After Ranked Choice:

Mark Dion- 10,750 (52%)

Andrew Zarrow- 10,107 (48%)

Mayor- City of Auburn

Jeffrey Harmon- 3,768 (62%)

Jason Levesque (Incumbent)- 2,335 (38%)

Mayor- City of Lewiston

Election Day Vote:

Carl Sheline (Incumbent)- 3,624 (45%)

Jon Connor- 3,041 (38%)

Luke Jensen- 954 (12%)

Joshua Pietrowicz- 413 (5%)

NOTE- A runoff Election will take place in December.