How To Become A Thought Leader

What is the best way to break out from the crowd and get noticed? That question has a lot of
answers. Depending on who you talk to will determine what answer you get.

In public relations getting noticed is sometimes as simple as speaking out and having something
valuable to say about what you do best. That is what our client, the Maine Acupuncture Society
did this week in the Portland Press Herald. Dr. Jessica Peck-Lindsey is the President of MAS
and wrote a beautiful piece about the important role that acupuncture can play in the health care

In her featured Maine Voices column Dr. Peck-Lindsey talks about how acupuncture can
potentially provide relief and care while waiting for an appointment, how the VA is using
acupuncture as part of their whole health care model (and seeing amazing results), and how
Congress is considering an enhanced role for acupuncture in medicare when it comes to
treating certain conditions. Her OpEd was able to draw attention to MAS and bring acupuncture
to the forefront of people’s minds as they consider their health care options.

Dirigo was able to work with MAS, Dr. Peck-Lindsay, and the rest of the board to create a short
term plan that would boost readership of the column and create a stir to drive up awareness of
the society and acupuncture as a whole. After the column was up on the Press Herald website
we were able to work with the team at MAS to get other members to share on their personal and
business pages to promote the piece. We were even able to work with the American Society of
to have them promote the article on their social media pages.

MAS has a variety of goals over the short and long term. Our team here at Dirigo is happy to
help craft a public relations and government affiars strategy that will assist them as they pursue
their goals.

Public relations doesn’t have to be expensive, fancy, or complicated. Give us the chance to show
you the Dirigo difference. Reach out for a consultation today!