February Newsletter

Congressional Border Deal For a brief moment earlier this month, it appeared that Congress may finally take action on border policy. Republican Senator James Lankford emerged as the lead Republican negotiator on a sweeping piece of legislation that promised to gain the support of both Democrats and Republicans. After weeks of negotiations, Lankford announced that

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January Newsletter

Government Funding Deal Congress has once again punted the spending issues down the field with the House introducing a two-part continuing resolution that will fund the government at current levels through the beginning of March. The bill, unveiled Sunday night, is sure to face opposition from the Freedom Caucus and other conservative members of the

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December Newsletter

National Defense Authorization Act Of the many annual responsibilities of the legislative branch, passing the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) could be the most important. The massive bill passed annually, is needed to fund the Department of Defense, pay American troops, and keep the American military strong. Congress took an important step earlier this week

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November Newsletter

Government Funding Deadline The deadline to fund the federal government comes in just days, on November 17th. After losing three weeks of legislative time to elect a new Speaker, the House has crafted another Continuing Resolution to keep the government open. Speaker Johnson, in his first major test since taking office, passed a “two-tier” CR

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